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BUCK GOOTER - Witch Molecules LP

by Buck Gooter

10.00 / On Sale

Very weird noise rock/throat rip duo from Harrisonburg, VA, uniting young and old, obscured purpose and odd intent. This thing kicks off with a song called “Dead Rats” which instantly gave me the vision of a “Classic Albums: Wolf Eyes’ Dread” and those dudes sitting down and isolating the tracks from the recording to discuss exactly how they got there.
The vocals are similar to theirs, the claustrophobic approach not too dissimilar, but it sounds like half of what Wolf Eyes accomplished. As the record crawls on, the intensity never dials down, though the approach changes; there’s synth here as well as a drum machine that sounds as if someone programmed the box to play like it was holding brushes in a jazz stance.
Little about this one makes sense, but it’s a raw and unique listen that may take more than a few spins to make any lasting impact. Still, I defy you to find any band that sounds like this one, apart from the one mentioned, and even then that’s not a constant thing.


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