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by Circle Of Ouroborus

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For the very few ones who don’t know, Circle Of Ouroborus is a Finnish weird black-metal band formed ten years ago which has released many many records since then. With The Final Egg this Finnish enigma strikes back with another album of haunting and beautiful underwater music.
This recording follows in the footsteps of their previous albums Eleven Fingers and Abrahadabra, although unlike the band's latest efforts, the music here overall comes across as a little 'brighter', with more melody than before that almost seems a bit shoegaze-like at points, especially on opener "Closing The Door."
Nevertheless, although a bit relaxed, many of the melodies sound quite fitting for your typical atmospheric BM album, especially on "The Surface The Deep" and "Sleepless."
This is quite the interesting method, because it still gives The Final Egg its black metal aesthetic, but with a very distinct, nuanced type of delivery. Experimental black metal, shoegaze, or whatever you'd like to call it, with The Final Egg Circle Of Ouroborus have delivered another solid effort, continuing to add to the growing trend in their country's metal underground for haunting atmospheres and unorthodox song structures.
Mandatory as always!
Includes a double-sided lyrics insert.


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