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FATHER MURPHY - Pain is on Our Side Now 2x10" EP

by Father Murphy

25.00 / On Sale

Father Murphy are back again, and this time their sermon is delivered in an even more bewildering manner.
Pain Is On Our Side Now, due for release on Aagoo Records/Boring Machines, is straddled across two single-sided 10"'s, each containing two movements and intended to be played simultaneously - or maybe not. Father Murphy are not the types to preach the rights and wrongs of participating in their immersive ceremony.
For those who haven’t yet delved into Father Murphy's fold, prepare yourself for a brisk stroll on the wild side, where tortured vocals, magmatic drones, sudden outbursts of the blackest chamber music and tangential bursts of childlike melodies find themselves contentedly holding hands.
Recorded in a Medieval castle at Itri (the same extraordinary place where Zola Jesus and Gary War have recorded), the EP is a concept of sorts, tackling the many virtues of failure, and the chances we may or may not choose to take at all times, every day.
Pain Is On Our Side Now is bolstered by a cast of characters comprising of, amongst others, Gowns' Ezra Buchla, who sings on 'They Will All Fail You', as well as Italian occult Psych master Gianni Giublena Rosacroce who provides clarinet on 'Let The Wrong Rise With You', with Greg Saunier from Deerhoof on mixing and mastering duties.
Father Murphy keep wandering off the beaten path in to the undocumented dark, following their personal, almost incommunicable quest for truth and meaning – one foot in the grave, or tongues firmly planted in their cheeks? It is difficult to interpret. You decide.


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