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MARIA MINERVA - Sacred & Profane Love 12"

by Maria Minerva

12.00 / Sold Out


Producer and chanteuse (and fashion icon and social satirist and heartbreaker) Maria Minerva is the groove-gift that keeps on shimmy-givin.’ Her forth effort this year – after the wildly weird, how-low-fi-can-you-cry Tallinn At Dawn, the boy-you-turn-me upside down disco EP Noble Savage, AND the salty sweet gauze-ahh strip tease Cabaret Cixous – comes just in time for Santa, baby.
‘Sacred and Profane Love’ wraps it up with a bow: drugged-out drag choruses, saucy pans, lines of echo-coke, head-trippy candy flips, layered bangs, crooked hooks, top forty flirting, pop weaseling, sand dune sparkle, dream reels. Sensual in every sense of the word.
Maria Minerva just turned it up, so you better bring your M game. Comes with a swaggering Ital remix of “Luv So Strong” as the closer cut.

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